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Love all of those photos and your embroidery is beautiful...and what an achingly sweet needle case! Adding that pocket for scissors is pure brilliance! i'm always misplacing mine.

Speaking of machines: i enjoy the curious language associated with all manner of man-made things...such as "feed dogs". Sounds like yours are all tuckered out! i continue to use an antique little black Singer. Which means it's a good thing i stopped making shirts years ago...given that it flatly refused to make any more button holes.


So pretty, i just love this :)


Your needlebook is simply exquisite. I can imagine the pleasure you are experiencing dreaming up variations on this delightful garden-inspired creation.



Your pretty needlebook looked so good and useful that I've made a similar one for my knitting bag - though mine doesn't have the beautiful embroidery. Thank you for the inspiration.


patiently awaiting a new post


Whew... life has recently taken over in a big way and seemingly all at once. Thank you all for your lovely comments on the needlebook. A sense of normality is slowly returning, I am hoping to post an update soon!

Thank you so much for your patience during this extended absence and for not giving up on me...



We are here. feel no fret on my account...just glad to know you're OK!


I love this needlebook and when I learn how to use my hand me down sewing machine (I undertand the mechanics, but not sure I will be able to make beautiful things without some guidance yet), I really really want to make one of these.

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