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wow - good for you J


You've certainly achieved a nice vintage look, it's just beautiful. I like the idea of passing down recipes from generation to generation too; however, my collection is so far from organized the thought of beginning is a very scary one indeed :)


Thank you, and yes, it is a daunting task. I have notes, scribbles, folded corners in many many books, binder sheets, clippings, computer files, etc. I've decided to take it one step at a time starting with the absolute staple favourites and go from there. It will definitely remain a work in progress!



It's truly special...a treasure, to be sure.


Very pretty :)


What a beautiful box to treasure and it will be an engrossing time picking out the recipes to put in it. Am I reading the tabs properly - do you have recipes for soaps?


I DO have recipes for soaps! And am due to cook up a batch soon so will be sure to share :)


I love it Janine! I take my hat off to you for making that box. Aren't those labels wonderful? I have a thing about yellow these days.

Beautiful week to you.



Thank you Stephanie, I too have a big thing for yellow these days :)

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