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Funny you should be making soap - I'm planning on a batch too !


Ooooo, Nice! Please share how it turns out :D


Interesting, really looking forward to this :)
PS - The soap looks lovely!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Ooh, I can't wait. I've often wondered about trying my hand at soap making.

Great images. Are you still using the same camera? Can I ask what settings you use?


Yes, I am still using the same little Sony Cybershot. I mainly use the Auto Intelligence setting which is amazing, with a two-second delay. And I only shoot in natural light, my flash is permanently at the "off" setting. This little camera is a charmer in low-light :)


I'm looking forward to the tutorial. At the farmers' market last weekend I bought some delicious soap made using goats milk.


Ahhh, soothing and creamy. Sounds divine :)


Cakes of soap! Yours look good enough to devour. Yes please for the tutorial. I am quite excited about the idea. I recall Amanda Soule confessing on a post this winter that she and her husband spent their Saturday evenings making batches of soap too.

There is wholesome fun to come.


I remember that post as well. I love her blog.


Oh, my goodness!! i love good soap...and now i get to go right to your next posts



Erik Crofton

I would simply say to you all “awesome information”

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