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Annie @ knitsofacto

I love the idea of making soap but I'm lye phobic, for which blame a school chemistry lesson many years ago. If I can overcome my silly fears I'll give your tutorial a try, it looks amazing and is so well set out. Thank you :D


Oh dear! Yes, a mishap can be a nasty experience. My first experience with lye was not a positive one either as I was not educated on the dangers or safe handling techniques. Fortunately I have grown quite confident now with some experience and care. Thanks for your kind comments on the tutorial!


Great tutorial and pix J


Thank you so much for the tutorial.
i have to try this sometime. i love good soap.


Once you get started, it really is very simple with minimal disruption in the kitchen. Well worth the final product and a lot of fun too :D


Thank you for the tutorial. I've always been put off by the dire warnings of how dangerous soap making is, but it seems that if I'm sensible and follow instructions, I should be fine. I shall definitely give this a try. A


As always I just love your photos and that lace knitting is just beautiful.
I am an essential oil junkie who loves nothing more than a hot bath to soak away the days stresses and strains so I am thinking if I were to give the soap making a go, I could combine my love of both. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I must give it a whirl!


Wonderful! Please do share the results with us. Oh, and any questions or feedback on the tutorial would be greatly appreciated in the event there are kinks to work out :)


Hmmm, maybe I can actually do this, thanks for the tutorial :)


You absolutely can! So easily... and it is so very satisfying :)

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