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I really romanticize history as well. Do you suppose it's because we tend to never be satisfied with what we have? The grass is always greener so to speak?


Hmmm, I think that's definitely part of it. Also that for me working full time means life is filled with demands to be away from home. I am a homebody at heart and though I really love my outside job (in fact I think I would go a bit crazy if I didn't have it), I miss being able to spend more time creating a home for my family. Of course everything always works out just fine (the Mr is totally awesome), so I suppose it really does come down to the grass looking greener! :D


A belated Happy Canada Day!!
Love that photo of the little bird peeking out...is it a bluebird or house wren?


Thank you for the good wishes Vicki! The bird is actually a baby tree swallow impatiently demanding more treats!

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