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Nice, J


Thanks ;D


Oh! these are wonderful!
No, you have most definitely not lost your mind.
And, yes...the next dessertfest will undoubtedly make a convert of your husband. ;^)


Ha ha, especially if there is ice cream involved! :D


Cautious confusion - I love your description; it absolutely defines my husband's reaction to so many things I do.
Fab candles.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Men just don't understand!

I love the handmade look of those dipped candles and the sweetly rustic little bag ... everything in this post is quite perfect :D

I remember making candles in my teens, but using moulds ... it was great fun, I wonder if I can find time to have a go again. The need for lye puts me off soap making but candle wax is lovely stuff :D


I agree it is quite a pleasure to work with--messy--but a pleasure. In fact I've been kicking around the idea of creating another tutorial, I had so much fun making the last one, candle dipping would even be a bit simpler I think.

And you are right, men most definitely do not understand (although we have to give them credit for trying ;D)



Just lovely - I'm up for it!


Dear, lovely Janine,

I have relished catching up with your most recent posts. This one, however, really takes the biscuit! It is simply perfect. Those candles are stunning and satisfying in their simplicity. Of course I can relate to, unlike your dear husband, the need to add a dainty bag as a finishing touch. I simply love your contribution to the celebration of life. May you wow many a gathering of friends with your candles.


Such kind words Stephanie, thank you xox


presentation is everything!!!! of course, that was NOT over the top (although I can see my hubby eye-rolling as well---he does with many of my cockamamie ideas!!!!!)


Thank you Steph, I certainly didn't think it was over the top either! ;^)

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