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ooh your own sewing room - what a joy! xxx


a whole room to yourself!!!! and a ReAL sewing machine!!! I have one that ONLY sews straight --- and it is my excuse for being a rather lousey seamstress. (I know better. I AM a lousey seamstress!!!)


A new machine AND a sewing room to put it in?!? How wonderful!!


Hi Janine
I'm so excited for you - your own sewing room!!! Oh wow. I would love a sewing room. Right now my kitchen doubled as my sewing space, but I do have a pretty view of the garden and my dear cows. Can't wait to see your quilt top. I always love your posts and pictures. So homely. There is something to be said for the crisp days of Autumn (as we call it). Funnily enough today, I thought I smelt it on the air. Do you ever get that? I can smell the seasons coming before they actually arrive.


I get that too Sophie, changes in the air and to the light. :^)


My old one refuses even to sew straight in many situations. For years I thought it was just me!


i know that i don't have to say out loud just how much i am with you re: summer and fall! So jealous that you have cool temps. If only i could move further north...


Oh I do hope the weather has stayed cooler for you, you have definitely suffered enough!!

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