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all's well that ends well.....I've got white upholstering that has amazingly survived some similar adventures with food and drink! Thank goodness computer is OK---I sure would miss you!
Loving the doll---and the scarf! Enjoy the solitude!!!


Thanks Steph, it sure is quiet around here!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Ooh, liking the doll!!!

So glad you managed to get the laptop dried out, wouldn't want to lose you! Enjoy the peace :D


Thanks Annie! The doll I'm afraid may have turned out a bit... creepy?? I am still struggling to achieve a "cutsie" face, but so far it seems to be eluding me. ;D


i'm so glad things turned out OK in the end, but spillage onto the laptop is one of my recurring frets. It is comforting to know that these machines can survive such things!

the shawl you are working on is stunningly beautiful...and i do love dolls. i'm sure yours isn't "creepy". She just has her own "look" ;^)


You are so very kind Vicki, my family could certainly take a lesson from you! E and K returned yesterday, and have subsequently been amusing themselves by reenacting Chuckie scenario's with her to tease me... LOL!
I may post about it, if I can summon the courage ;D

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