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some mighty fine baking happenin' in your house!!! and I love the quilt!!! (quilted? tied?)


Neither yet, still some appliqué to do on the top. Eventually will be my first attempt at free motion quilting, once I build up the courage that is! :D


Scrumptious!! The baking, the pictures, the quilt!! You are one talented lady. Your pictures are so warm and homely. Can't wait to see more pics of the finished quilt.
Have a lovely week


Your pear galette looks delicious.
I've been very patient and just started to use the soap I made using your tutorial. I love its clean, fresh smell - like soap rather than some jarring fragrance - and it lathers beautifully. Thanks for the instructions and to everyone else - try it.


Thank you both for your very kind comments! Anne, I'm so pleased the soap turned out well, thank you so much for sharing! :D

Annie @ knitsofacto

The pear galette looks scrumptious.

I'd love to try the soap but, stupidly, I'm terrified of handling lye. Suggestions?


You're right Annie, lye certainly can be hazardous if not handled properly. I would suggest reading over the tutorial in its entirety paying particular attention to the information on safety. Assemble your equipment and ingredients prior to beginning, and wear the safety equipment suggested, at least until you are comfortable with the process. Recognizing the potential hazards and following a safe process to accommodate for them really is the key to success. Just remember, cooking on a hot stove can be hazardous too, but by using common sense and practice we do it without a second thought!


Oh...so nice ! Look forward to seeing the quilt, and a i'm just a bit wistful that I can't pinch a bit of the cake ;^)


LOL! It was admittedly delish, even better as breakfast! :D


Your baking looks yummy... and the quilt! Can't wait to see more :)


Thank you xox

valerie davies

I don't need to buy Country Living any more to get my fix of England,
I've lived in N Zealand for forty years. Your pictures and your stories are lovely - though I wish you had a Like button!


Hello Valerie, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I will certainly consider your suggestion for adding a Like button, I admit I've never really thought about it until now that you've mentioned it :D
Janine xox

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