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i love the way you compose your posts with your lovely, evocative photos


You are so very kind! Poor little K would not agree with you as he had to sit for me through the lengthy winding process, which is apparently excruciatingly torturous if you are an 11-year-old boy.. ;D


I'm really looking forward to that fall routine----maybe I can get mine started NEXT week!! Lovely yarn! Lovely pictures!!

Annie @ knitsofacto

This post exudes calm. I like that :D


Dear Janine
Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so very much for your extremely clear and inspirational instructions for soap-making. I found you via [email protected] and although I"ve flirted with the idea of making soap before I've never quite had the courage to give it a whirl. I made my first batch on Friday, using your recipe as a starting point and have just cut it this afternoon - I can't believe that it's really my own homemade soap! My son couldn't wait and had to try out a few of the crumbs and we both whooped at the resulting lather! In the excitement of Friday's experiment I forgot to use distilled water but it seems to have come out all right. Thank you so, so much!
PS Am enjoying exploring the rest of your blog too. Happy Fall! Elizabeth x


Elizabeth, thank you so much for your lovely comment, I am absolutely THRILLED that you were able to try out the soap recipe and find success!! I will be taking a wander over to mrsthomasinatittlemouse to see what you are up to as well, have a wonderful week :D



Dear Janine,

You have talent. Your blog inspires and quietens my heart. Thank you. I do believe your quilt in progress (in the previous post) reminds me of a glorious stained glass window.

ps I usually wind my wool on the back of two chairs now.


Thank you for your kind words and very wise advice. I will share this with K which I'm sure will make his day next time I need to do some winding. xox

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