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Finally some comfortable temperatures outdoors (in fact it is raining this minute)
Your quilt is beautiful, J ..... but where is the OTHER one you had hanging? with the flowers ?


Yes, the weather is SO MUCH BETTER!! The quilt you are talking about is still hanging where it was and next up for some work after this one is finished. It has a lot of applique to do on it and I'm just not geared up for it quite yet. But I will get to it eventually! :D


the quilt couldn't be lovelier!! Just perfect!

please send some of the fall weather south, OK???


Get ready, sending fall weather now!!

Annie @ knitsofacto

I was thinking 'like stained glass', and then you said it. Gorgeous :D


Oh Janine! It's fabulous! I love it (and I'm a pale and wan quilt kind of girl usually). What have you done to me!
Great post as usual. Oh and your darling kitty cat does just what mine does too.


Oh, wow! those photos that have the black lines in them make the quilt look like a fabulous, glowing stained glass window. The background color really works well--good job!

i love the pattern of the fork pricks in your pie crust.

and...Oh! those blue eyes in that sweet face!



Thank you all for your kind words, they are so very encouraging! xox

Sharon Braxton

Ooooh, ooooh, oooh. My first thought when I saw your quilt was, "That looks like stained glass". So pretty and I love the fabric you used. Great job!!!!



Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by. I'm so happy to meet you!

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