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Annie @ knitsofacto

The light does seem to have been wonderful this autumn doesn't it. In our case making up in some small way for the awful early summer.

Hope the good weather lasts for a while yet for all of us :)


I'm wishing our cooler early morning could last a bit into the day! We're still pretty warm down here---but the light has been amazing. Fall is right around the corner.....I see it coming! (it's my favorite season----I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas!!!!!)


Almost every morning for the past week, the temps have been in the 40s and low 50s. i truly began to wonder if it would really come. i go out every morning with my tea, in a heavy sweatshirt and wool socks and sit with the birds that love our feeders. It is a wonderful comfort knowing that friends like you "know" what i feel.


Ahhhh, sounds heavenly!

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