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TWO!!! large balls of lace---maybe a featherweight cardi!!! Lucky find!!!
Pie baking???? YUM!


Laffed out loud re 'mystery meatballs'


Gackers! What a fabulous word ;-) And yes, things certainly are in full swing, aren't they?

Have a good weekend. I'm really into making pies with different flours these days. Do you know the cookbook 'Good To The Grain'? It's intriguing and compelling.


Thank you for the recommendation Stephanie, I did in fact take a look at the book on Amazon and I must agree it does look intriguing. Another book I've had my eye on is 'A Year of Pies' also available on Amazon. Please share your experiences as I am now very curious as to the results. How are your children accepting the various grains in their food?


Lucky find with the yarn, will you crochet something with it? Might be a bit faster than knitting if that's why you're shawled out!


Forgot to mention your new header, nice!


Thank you Beth. The likelihood of me crocheting anything, quick or not, is pretty slim, as it is a skill completely beyond me. I have crocheted a total of one granny square in my lifetime, and that was with my mum sitting right there beside me walking me through every stitch. I'm afraid I just don't have the knack for anything more than straight single crochet :D

Annie @ knitsofacto

That's some yarny find ... pity you're shawled out because it looks perfect for a shawl. A cowl maybe?

Pomona x

I am always very scared by laceweight - I think I am too slow a knitter to take it on! And the meatballs - I am going to be thinking about them all day now ...

Pomona x


lol... DON"T think about the meatballs Pomona! ;D

Annie, I may consider a cowl. Something a little more... doable than another shawl. Unless I just put it away for a time, that may be the answer for now.


Your home looks lovely and warm! (And I love a good, solid rolling pin!)


Thanks Laura, it is a good solid pin, and an oldie ;^)

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