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Don't you love technology?


i'm laughing
in sympathy, of course!
i totally love your birdie label!!
and...i'm so curious, what is Eesti tikand?
i "Binged" it, but everything is in a foreign language i don't recognize? is it to do with needlework?


It's an embroidery book! If you go to the link "http://www.varrak.ee/product/7652/" and click on the pdf file below it, you will get a glimpse of what's inside!


the little pouches are adorable!!!!
sorry about your post's trip to la-la land.....i bet there is an incredible blogland of lost posts out there somewhere (I know I have at least one there!)

is it time to drag out the embroidery?? I need a push to get me back in the stitching swing of things!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

So frustrating when this sort of thing happens. That awful moment of disbelief that slowly translates into dismayed realisation... I know it too well! Your pics are just beautiful in this post - love the look of the lined knitted purses but dying to see the outside of them! Did you make that enchanting birdie label or did you buy them? I wondered if you'd made them with a stamp and fabric ink / paint? Really glad you are feelling better and that the summer garden quilt has been calling again. E x


I would love to show the outside of the pouches; however, the Noro yarn, although beautiful in real life, photographs horribly! I will try to get some better pics and post them, but it's been a real struggle. I've been working on some new ones incorporating felting and crewel work, fingers crossed they may be a bit more photogenic.

The birdie labels are in fact homemade with stamp and paint. They were so much fun to make!


that's the sort of thing that happens to me.....

Pomona x

But the pictures are really pretty and the sentiment is there, so we can imagine all those beautiful words as they drift off into the ether!

Pomona x


Oh, you are so divine! ;D

Annie @ knitsofacto

What a splendid response to a calamity! But that first pic alone justifies this post, it's an awesome image :D

Annie @ knitsofacto

Been looking at the link you provided to that book. Is it easy to figure out (given that I don't read Estonian!)? I'm pondering buying a copy, it's lovely :)


Isn't it though? I really thought so too. Gorgeous designs to work from.


I love your little pouches, especially the birdie labels! Sorry to hear about your post mishap, but this was a nice one too :D


Oh Janine, I feel your frustration! All that effort vanishing...somewhere, I'm not sure where, actually! However, and this is a VERY big however; this post is truly divine as is your header featuring that beautiful soap. I could quite happily gaze at your harmonious pictures and reflect; a small and beneficial moment of contemplation. Thank you for inspiring and feeding us such beauty.


I'm one of the lucky ones that got to read the original post before it disappeared!


Oh good! I'm so happy it wasn't all for nothing! :D


Hello Janine,

Just popping back to check if you have put in a new magical post and also to let you know that my first of three autumnal hares is up on my blog! I hope you are well and truly over your sickness.

A good weekend to you and your family.


Oh how exciting, I am heading over right now to take a peek!

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