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Annie @ knitsofacto

Gosh, snow already. I forget how cold it is where you are!


SNOW???? Oh, my! I'm ready for cool, autumnal days, but snow? maybe not quite yet!!! I hope it's all been good busy-ness in your life!!! I've missed you!


Yes, it's been all good busy-ness, thanks so much Steph!

It's common for us to experience severe weather changes on the Prairies, in fact its not unheard of to experience as much as a 20 degree shift within 24 hrs! Never a dull moment weather wise.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Strawberries and snow - what a wonderful meeting of summer and winter! Love the embroidered strawberry on your cloth too! E x


Strawberries, snow and sunshine - how different your October is.


Oh my goodness - snow!
I love the snow because here it brings a sense of excitement to another wise dull grey winter. But I would be most put out if it arrived so soon.
How strange it is to think that you have had your first snowfall already.
Much love to you


"insert ominous music here"
You are so fun!

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