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Sharon Braxton

Delicious looking cake. I'm not ready for the cold weather myself but not much we can do about it, right? And yes, I've seen the baby. She's is absolutely adorable and I am so happy!



Your cake looks delicious and so does your snowy garden. Very cozy in your world :D
What are you knitting?


They will be a pair of winter gloves for K knit in peruvian highland wool. I haven't ravelled them yet, but am planning to eventually :D


aren't we lucky to have the weather to complain about???! I'm yearning for fires in the fireplace---I'd love some snow (we haven't had any for a couple years!)---a chance to wear my boots! Just when I dug out my fall sweaters and wooly socks, the temps bounced back into the 80s. 80s and falling leaves just don't go together.

yummy looking cake....if it's your go-to cake, I'll have to give it a try! :)
have a good week! (we're a no garage house, too---HATE the scraping!!!!)

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Your cake looks delicious and your knitting echoes its pale and dark contrast by chance or design - both cake and knitting make a perfect echo of the dark roofs and trees wearing a dusting of pale snow. Beautiful, even though I know the arrival of winter has its downsides. But you make it seem inviting nonetheless! E x


Yes, yes, Janine; I have seen The Baby and I whispered to myself 'at last'. A whole new life awaits the Paulsons. Will their house be as pristine as before? And just think of all the baby knitting we will witness. Yippee!

And now to your beautiful post, Janine. I completely understand how the concept of winter appeals to you with its logfires, hot drinks, and knitting. I love winter too. However I feel slightly panicked this year about the onslaught of winter. Being cooped up with the children and suffering colds, etc.

Let us endeavour to keep those joyful winter fires burning Janine so that we may all get through it together!

I wish you a beautiful, snowy week.


Your post sent me into a bit of a panic..."Must get the daffodil bulbs planted! Oh, dear...hurry up it's going to snow!!!"

Yes, I saw the baby; that bundle of sweetness and big brown eyes!


Oh, my goodness!!
and i just wrote about swimming. in the sea. in october!!
Which, i must admit, felt very strange. Especially since i love a realio, trulio fall, and winter.

Annie @ knitsofacto

I wouldn't mind a little snow, it beats mists and less than mellow fruitfulness and too much rain. But I am sure I was meant to be born into a family in a northern snowy waste somewhere but the stork got tired and dropped me too soon ;)

And talking of storks ... yes, I've seen the baby, and all those many messages of joy at the arrival. What a testament to all that is good! I am ridiculously happy for that little family I will never meet!


Ah yes, pure goodness :D


keep cosy x


lovely photos, lovely cake - thank you for the recipe, especially the cup of berries arranged to please!

and yes, baby Amelia has brought so much happiness not just to her parents but to all of us who have hoped and prayed for this ...

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