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take care, come back soon x


i do understand (since i've seemed to take breaks without knowing ahead of time that i was going to) However, i take a lot of comfort in the title of this post: "Just a little rest"...i'm so glad you put "little" in there.

i absolutely love this photograph...what an exquisite image.

And i agree with driftwood: do take care...and do come back.

Sharon Braxton

Take care, rest, and clear the cobwebs. Please come back.



I'm sending you lots of happy, peaceful thoughts Janine! Take all the time you need but rest assured I will miss you :-)


will miss you

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

Looking forward to welcoming you back refreshed and revitalised.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Of course we totally understand, but we'll miss you. Be well my friend xxx


Will miss reading your lovely posts and enjoying your most beautiful pics but understand so well the need for a bit of space. I send you a hug from across the pond and hope that you will be back soon, whenever you feel it's time. E x


Can't do everything all the time, and shouldn't try to. Everything changes from time to time (wouldn't be life if it didn't) and it's always good to focus our energy where we are needed. Take care of you!


Take good care, we'll miss you xox


I will miss you----ALOT. This space was one of my favorites to visit. Hoping you have a wonderful holiday season!!!

susan hall

oh do please come back soon , i've only just found you and started reading your lovely blog. i wish there were years and years worth to scroll back through, as it is i can make do with reading it twice or thrice for a while .
very best wishes for christmas and the new year


I am in France and i Luke very much your blog.
Mine is resting too...

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