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I adore that dress.....I just love the japanese style....i'm going to have to order that book, then HOPE my attempt turns out have as lovely! we're starting to nestle into more fall-ish weather, too.....no snow (I just dream about it!) but love having a fire in the fireplace, gingerbread in the oven....
glad you are back.....i've missed you.


Dear Janine,

I always feel my heart flutter a little when I see a new post of yours appearing.

I love your 'thump'! But most of all I adore your summery dress. Keep knitting, sewing and baking your way through winter, Janine.

Sending you warm wishes from France.


Such kind words, I've really missed this space and hearing from all of you too! Looking forward to visiting your lovely blogs and catching up on all the news! xox

Annie @ knitsofacto

That dress is a perfect reminder that the sun shines even in the middle of winter! Wear it with some hand knits and you be warm enough and smiling!

Nice to have you back :D


Winter thumped us, too. I'm really wishing I had my snow tires on as of last week!


oh that fabric is so pretty xxx


Oooh that dress is SO lovely! May just have to order that book! The fabric you've chosen is enchanting - I love those colours together. You have a wonderful knack of grouping photos together Janine - a delight to the eye and the mind all at once. Glad you are posting again, your blog is one of my absolute favourites! E x


i love that fabric and dress, too!
Except for the calamitous Hurricane Sandy--which did not harm us, just scared us with very high winds--we've been mild. i confess i love this time of year and feel eager to get a bit crafty and i'm itching to cut some paper and swipe some glue on stuff...soon, very soon.


I was thinking of you when Sandy was making her appearance on the east coast. So thankful you came through relatively unscathed.

Cutting paper and swiping glue on stuff sounds totally awesome, a task that goes well with making Christmas ornaments I'm thinking.

Hmmm, where is that glue anyway...
xo :)

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