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ellen kelley

It is beautiful..and so is the kitty.
May you be warm.


hope you are by now past that blizzard! I can't imagine snow in April!!! Our spring has been a bit pokey arriving this year, but I think I can safely say it's here----no more below freezing days are predicted (I hope).

I have yet to make a tea leaves cardi----but that color has me doing some serious thinking on this end of the blog!!! really pretty.


I love Tosh yarn so so much :) I managed to go the whole winter without finishing a single project...and now it's Spring and I'm dying to pick up needles again. Strange, but true :)


Well, it may not have done justice to the yarn, but look at the silky fur on Mr. Mylo!

Our snow is forecast to arrive tonight or tomorrow. I so, so, so hope they are wrong!


Two very beautiful images. Spring may be slow...might you get to see the northern lights show?


Yes! As a matter of fact we do get to see quite a spectacular show occasionally :D


i would trade you--at least once-- a nice early drift of daffs, hyacinths and muscari for a good northern lights display!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Beautifully atmospheric images Janine ... it all looks very cosy there but I hope the storm has passed :)


I hope your blizzard has ended. stay warm and cosy x


Hope spring makes it your way soon xox

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