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ellen kelley

Lovely photos and lovely words. For some reason, I am a little teary-eyed...but not in a bad way. Thank you.


that tea leaves can wait just a bit (although it IS coming along very nicely!!!).....those bees would definitely have my full time attention! You are 'official'!!!! and obviously doing everything just right. The photos really make me wish for bees of my very own!! (We have nasty wood bees---they don't count!)

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

Beutiful pictures. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your bees as I think they're such fascinating little beings. We have bees living in our chimney that sometimes turn a little nasty and fly straight for me when I'm hanging out the washing. Not the image one normally has of busy bees.


It's always a small treat to be greeted by one of your posts on my blog list, Janine! How beautifully you have written about your new precious family: the bees! I've always been in awe of their hardworking and organised nature; a little like ants but much sweeter, of course :-)

You have left me wishing I could quietly join you for a cup of tea beside your brand new hive.

Happpy spring week to you.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

So lovely to read about your bees & your pics are absolutely wonderful! Despite our miserable British Spring our bees here are thriving and we've got an extra "super" on our hive as of this last week. So hoping we will have a bit more honey than last year although I am only hosting our hive for the beekeeper in the village so I am not as up to speed on everything as you are. Here's hoping for a bee-happy summer like Yeats' "bee-loud glade" which always seems to me one of the happiest of verbal images. Lovely to be reading you again, Janine! E xx


Humbling to watch those bees.
Love your photos, and that proverb

Annie @ knitsofacto

I've loved these last two posts. There are some hives along a field edge just down the road and I could happily sit on the nearby stile and watch the bees all day! Good luck with your girls :)

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