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I love getting up close and personal with your bees!!

ellen kelley

These are such lovely photos of your beloved bees, and yes, I can see that wee one sipping such good nectar. It is obvious that those dedicated bees are giving you so much pleasure and joy. I am always grateful for the feeling of happiness that comes to me from other people. Does this make sense to you? I do hope so.
Just think, that if we, as humans, were as dedicated to our "world" as your bees are, we would have such a lovely place, a place where all were taken care of and nurtured.
OH, do hope I have not waxed on too much. I do look forward to your projects and I wish you a lovely vacation.

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

I like to see busy bees working amongst the flowers and your photos are really good, especially the bee sipping nectar.


i just love visiting with your bees (and you!) hope you are having the BEST vacation!!! and that the weather stays perfect for your holiday. Can't wait to see what 'brewing'!!


One of my very good childhood memories was going for a walk beside the bush, and hear the bees swarming around a wild plum in full bloom.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Go bees! We need you! And here in the UK bee colonies have really suffered form the cold wet winter and non-existent Spring. Am so glad ours are still busy and active & we are hoping for great things when it comes to taking off the supers and harvesting some of the honey. Not too much though so that they have plenty to fall back on should next winter be as bad as last. Happy Bee Days Janine! E x

Annie @ knitsofacto

Aren't bees just the most amazing things! Lovely photos Janine :D

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