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So spring is late coming for you too, I see although I think you have captured her colours in that summer quilt of yours. Crochet and patchwork quilting are two skills I know very little about but which both appeal enormously to me. I think though that I am so close to trying out patchworking. It's the assembling part which scares me a little.

I hope the sun shines for you all this week, including the bees, of course!


Youor quilt looks so bright and cheery Janine x


i always love your photo essays
and your sweet quilt.


That quilt is THE BEST!!!! Love how cheery it is.....makes me happy!!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Your pics are magical, Janine! Glad your bees are busy - I bet they love those foxgloves and cornflowers! I don't know why blue and purple flowers are so much bee-favourites. May be there is a hidden biochemical reason? Your quilt is to die for - I love those colours together so much. Here's hoping for a long lounging summer ahead in which you can enjoy it in the sunshine! E x

Annie @ knitsofacto

LOVE the quilt! I have a few of those green fabrics in my stash but the lovely colour palette you've included them in would probably never have occurred to me.


A summer quilt! Now you've got me dreaming about owning a sewing machine that works, and a space of my own to use it!
Those bees must love the salvia planted so close to the hive.

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