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NO WAY!! No way can you still have lilacs blooming!!!! (One of my favorite flowers---and ours have been gone for months. I'm jealous!!!)

(Love the quilt in the previous post!!!!!!!!!)

ellen kelley

I do hope those bees will be fine. It is still, still raining here and yesterday we had a fire in the woodstove. I would have built one today as well, but that would have required my marching down to the woodshed to haul it all up. I chose to "tuff" it up.
I am certain that I have never mentioned how much I love your photographs and how much your place here brings me joy...mixed with a lovely feeling of quietude (is that a word?) and comfort. Thank you.
Many warm wishes for a wonderful summer for you and your family.


Oh your woodstove sounds like just the fix! Our fireplace is gas and just doesn't have the same effect, physically in the room or psychologically either :)
Thank you so much for your lovely comment Ellen, sending warm wishes back your way too!

Janine xox

Annie @ knitsofacto

The weather is very changeable here too, one day hot, the next cold and wet. The last of the lilacs are still hanging on, but the poppies are over already. I guess each plant copes in its own way with these unusual weather patterns.

Today is dismal ... we could do with a woodstove!


I adore lilac - so lovely to still be in bloom.i I hope you have a lovely break and get time to finish some of your projects x

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