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I love the way your posts revolve around a colour scheme; simply beautiful.

It's very hot here, no air-conditioning but regular trips to the outdoor swimming pool nestled in the Vouvray hills.

I think we are due a thunder storm in the next couple of days.


ahhhhhh just think of all the knitting you can now do in the cool of the a/c!!!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Your garden looks utterly delightful - before or after rain! And those cinnamon rolls - yes, please to the recipe! Enjoy the cool of the a/c! E x

ellen kelley

Hooray for a/c. It gets hot here, but there is no humidity to speak of and it always cools off at night, so we are blessed. We did live in Georgia for about ten years...gawd, the summer heat and humidity were punishing.
Your garden looks so peaceful and I am looking forward to your recipe. I'll bet they smell divine.


the heat here has reached the unbearable stage.
but i still love seeing your rolls and that gorgeous Milo.

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