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Thomasina Tittlemouse

Your tea-leaves cardi looks gorgeous - and how nice to make something that one can look forward to wearing at the end of the summer. Not sure what the answer is re the pattern sizing thing. For years I had the same problem but it was always my own fault for not trusting the pattern size and cutting larger in case it was too small! Like you, I find commercial bias binding needs to be deployed with care and much prefer to make my own from the fabric i'm using although this is a pain of one is in a hurry! I've tried to be more conscientious about checking what actual measurements pattern sizes relate to as I've been dabbling in Japanese and French patterns which make slightly different assumptions so it might be worth double checking what measurements your pattern thinks correspond to a particular size but I'm sure you've done this already. Have you had a look at the patterns from Citronille? there are some lovely patterns for tops on their website and I've found they come out really well. I've made Zébulon for me (twice) and Palmyre for my sister who is very petite. The patterns come from France in wonderful envelopes made form recycled maps too, for an added stationery buzz if that appeals! Have a lovely weekend Janine! E x

Annie @ knitsofacto

I can't help re. the pattern thing, sorry, it year's since I did any dressmaking, but I do like the sound of the Citronelle patterns that Elizabeth's recommended.

I'm admiring your Tea Leaves though, and your tenacity, knitting in that heat, it's about 24 degrees Celsius here and that's way too hot for me!


your tea leaves turned out great!!! it'll be a welcome surprise when (i'm sure you now feel...'if'...) the weather turns cold! love the two skeins in the corner of the photo....wonder what's 'pending'??!

try to stay cool....we lived in an unconditioned house in North Carolina when the kids were really small; we used to walk to the grocery store every afternoon and hang out in the frozen food section!!


Dear Janine,

I simply love the colour of your Tea Leaves; so rich and warm.

No air-conditioning here either and temperatures go up to about 39°C! It's our fourth summer in this region of France and people lament how disappointing the past two summers have been. I am secretly thrilled because I do not feel comfortable in high heat!

Happy, glorious summer to you and I can vouch for the Citronelle patterns too although I have only sampled the child-sized ones. Remember that French sizes are generally more petite than Anglo-Saxon ones.

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

So pleased that someone else experiences problems with sizing - I think my problem is that I'm so mean that I want to use every cm of fabric, so sew my seams far too close to the edge rather than using the 1.5cm seam allowance.
Love the Tea Leaf Cardigan and the fact that you carried on knitting through the heat.
I remember afternoons in the air condtioning at the cinema when the children got too hot during summer holidays.

ellen kelley

What an absolutely beautiful sweater. The color is just lovely. You are going to love it when it finally cools off.
Regarding the sizing issues, I think that it might be due to the fact that all sizing for garments is so misleading and none of it seems to be uniform any more. I have an awful time finding ready made clothes to fit me. I am short...5'2" and not very big. Pants that do fit are fashioned for teens. Very inappropriate and ludicrous on this old lady! I do have a bunch of very old pattern from my days of sewing most of my clothes. It would be interesting to dig one out and see how it compares to those of today.

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