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we have a recipe for cinnamon buns that i usually make Christmas morning....hubby and I then proceed to eat all dozen of them; can't afford to do THAT too often!! so I know what you mean....but sooooo goood!!!! (very similar to yours, but I make them the night before---then let them rise overnight in the fridge---ready to be baked in the morning)

LOVE those little slippers!!! Glad you are enjoying your a/c!!! (don't know what we'd do without it.....another week of 90+temps/90+humidity. hate it.)


Your buns look yummy J ... and just so perfect ;)


We lasted two summers in our house before installing a/c. When it was cooler outside the house than in, that was it. The reprieve from the heat is indescribable. Life changing is a very good description! Enjoy!

ellen kelley

Oh, joy for cool air. Good for you!
Those slippers are adorable and the buns look yummy. I'll have to make some....as soon as it cools off...maybe October?


i could not survive without ac...but wish i could live in a climate where i don't need it...like Cornwall, UK...anyway

i adore those kitty slippers!!


oh my gosh!!
i just clicked on the kitty slippers link...
you made up the pattern yourself!!
i am SO impressed!!


Janine, Janine, Janine, those kitty slippers are FABULOUS! Just adorable.

Um, am I allowed to be a little envious of your air-conditioning, please? It's 36°C today, set to be the same for the next few days and I was fit to do very little except swimming today.

I'm going to make a note of this scrumptious bun recipe... to make once the weather has cooled down. There's no coincidence that the only two hours of rain we had in the past three glorious weeks of real summer I made a batch of banana and chocolate muffins. Baking in a heatwave is not the most natural thing to do and yet jam-making often happens in summer, right?

The heat is making me jibber and mumble. Off I go.


oh the kitty slippers. adorable xxx

the weather is cooler here today, and there are storms forecast, could be a perfect baking day !

Annie @ knitsofacto

Ooh, another yummy recipe to try :D

I have been longing for air con, but the 30C+ heat in the UK is such an exception and air con such a specialised market here that no way will it happen.

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