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Those honey combs are gorgeous!! So is the tomato.
This entire post makes me feel all good inside. :^)

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

The frames of honey look wonderful. I know what you mean about glimpses of the end of summer. I've noticed how when we sit out in the evening that the sun dips down behind the buildings just a little earlier each night. Enjoy your reading.

ellen kelley

What could be more golden than that which is honey? I am so happy for you and your bees. What a miracle and a mystery of goodness and beauty. (Darned tasty too.)
Sending cheers for your deck, time alone, moments with loved ones, and a bit of vacation. All so good mixed in with my favorite time of year to come, lovely Autumn. She is the best, at least for me. Enjoy and relish in every minute.

Annie @ knitsofacto

I so envy you the bee keeping, and the deck! I misread the first two words here as 'wild summer', and looking at all this abundance that seemed appropriate somehow!


what a perfect end to the summer! enjoy your time off----and all the goodies surrounding you!

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