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I just love you site .. it is such a wonderful getaway on a quiet morning with a cup of coffee...

those are thee most darling slippers I have ever seen!! a smile in the morning!!

ellen kelley

They are just adorable...and I love that you talk to them and "stalk" your family! What fun. This just makes me giggle like crazy. I will bookmark the pattern. I just wonder if I am a capable enough knitter to make me a pair.
Word of advice>>>do be very cautious around the catnip while wearing these feline fancies.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Those slippers ae just the business! I love them! Wish I could knit! Glad your summer has been so good - makes such a difference when summer is lovely - the prospect of autumn coming then never seems so negative. Happy Days Janine! E x


Love those slippers...and the visual of you following everyone around the house meowing!!



how cute!!!!! love them----and know some other people who might love them, too!!! (can I possibly add another thing to my to-knit list???!)

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