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My soft-coloured inspiration for this Monday morning, Janine! Happy week to you.


Gorgeous bobbins of colour! What a success!

Have to admit my Mr. responded in the same way to my drop spindle yarn...you made that? Wow!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Aha ... the dyeing bug has bitten!

I need to photograph my own dye work more. It is ongoing but as thinks often spend long weeks in jars I kinda forget to see them, and then in the excitement of looking to see what I've got I completely forget the camera :)

Annie @ knitsofacto

Oops, things not thinks!


Oh I can understand that Annie, the only reason I remembered to take any pictures at all is because it's so new to me and every step is a discovery to share! I expect the novelty will wear off and the process will become just another part of life, once I reach some level of competence that is ;)

I would love to see some of your results!

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