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Oh, I know! Giving me hope by warming up enough to "feel spring" and then high winds bringing a blizzard when the roads are already a mess!

I bought the same kale, from the same company. I really like their dinosaur kale, too. Easier to see the bugs.

Love your fabric and your notebooks. So pretty. Thinking that Spring Break will be a nice start for a little taste of "pre-internet" now that I'm inspired!


oh J --- I can smell your kitchen too. Best of luck m'girl.


Soon be spring! Seeds growing gives hope anyway.
Our internet service isn't very good - I can tell when school's out each day because it grinds ever slower. Recently I made a decision not to turn on my computer over the weekend, but to "do" instead. It works well until I realise the instruction is on a website and have to log on to check it out. You're right, we need to be more conscious of how we spend our free time.
Wishing you some warmer weather soon.


hope things have turned for you--weather-wise. that might actually help the internet situation, too---more people outside!!! it seems spring sprung here overnight….one day all brown and dreary in the garden---the next full of yellow daffs! (I'm really rushing the season---I've got my sandals out!)

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