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oh my that is cold. I hope the soak making rescue worked! x

Annie @ knitsofacto

Gosh, that is cold! We have barely had a day below freezing all winter and I'm longing for a bit of ice and snow rather than rain, but maybe not quite what you've been experiencing!


brrrrrr. ice storm coming our way today.....not terribly cold, though. are you worried about your bees making it through the winter????? fingers crossed they are OK.


I am definitely worried. I do have them covered with an insulated sleeve to minimize extremes; hopefully it will be enough to give them extra protection to see them through!


What an awful winter for our pets (and us, too)! I feel sorry for my puppy, who does not understand why we are keeping him indoors...until he goes out...and then he just gets frustrated, because he wants to be outside for longer, and can't.

Knitting piled on your laptop to keep it warm? ;0)


Ha ha! Yes, these Canadian prairie winters leave MUCH to be desired! :D


OH!! That is cold!!
i hope it is milder by now!!

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